The Pag-IBIG Fund is launching the eSRS, to provide employers with an easy and convenient way of paying their employees’ membership savings and loan amortizations through Pag-IBIG’s
collecting partners. This is also one way of having a standard and uniform process in the submission of the Remittance File using the Electronic Submission of Remittance Schedule (e-SRS).

1What is the e-SRS?

eSRS stands for Electronic Submission of Remittance Schedule. This is an electronic service designed for employers for the easier submission of their monthly remittance file to
Pag-IBIG using the internet. The system is ID number-based.

2What are required from the employer so he can use the eSRS?

Here are the requirements from employers to use the eSRS:

  • Membership Identification (MID) Number of all of their employees
  • Employer Identification (ERID) Number
  • Duly accomplished Employer Enrollment Form which is available at the eSRS web application to be found at the Pag-IBIG website,
  • Must have made at least one remittance to Pag-IBIG, prior to enrollment.
3How can an employee secure his MID and an employer to secure his ERID?
  • Employees still without the MID should register online (, under “e-Services) or avail of the employee-assisted registration at any
    Pag-IBIG branch office
  • Employers without an ERID should register at the Pag-IBIG office maintaining his account. Employers will be notified of their ERID Number through email or regular mail.
4What are the benefits of using the eSRS?

The system will provide employers with the following benefits:

  • Convenient way of submitting their monthly remittance file to Pag-IBIG and paying their employees’ Membership Savings (MS), Modified Pag-IBIG II (MP2) savings, Multi-Purpose Loan (MPL) and Calamity Loan amortizations.
  • Employers enrolled under the eSRS can view the status of their remittance schedule online.
  • 24/7 access to the system
  • Convenience in paying with accessible accredited collecting partners nationwide
5Is the eSRS capable of checking the Employer’s Pag-IBIG ID (ERID) and the Employee’s Pag-IBIG ID (MID) Number?

Yes. During enrollment, the Pag-IBIG Employer ID (ERID) and the Membership ID (MID) Numbers are validated by Pag-IBIG to ensure that the correct ID number will be reflected in the remittance. In the event that there is a need to update the Remittance File, the user is required to input the correct Membership ID of the employee.

6Who are the target employers for eSRS?

The eSRS will address small employers with nine employees and below.

7Who is the Pag-IBIG accredited collecting partner for the eSRS?

Bayad Center is Pag-IBIG’s partner for the eSRS.

8How can an employer use the eSRS?

Here are the steps:

  1. Employer enrollment and screening
    • Log on to Click “Downloadable Forms”, then click “eSRS Employer Enrollment Form” (HQP-ITF-033)
    • Download and accomplish the eSRS Employer Enrollment Form. This form shall reflect the employer’s personal details and the name of the nominated Authorized User of the facility. The Authorized User must be a registered Pag-IBIG member with a Pag-IBIG Member’s Identification (MID) Number.
    • Print and sign the Enrollment Form and submit this to the Pag-IBIG branch office maintaining your account.
    • Pag-IBIG will notifythe employer via email as to the status of his enrollment. The Authorized User will also receive his User ID and initial password via email.
  2. Remittance File preparation
    • On or before the scheduled date of remittance the Authorized User visits the Pag-IBIG website at Click “e-Services” and select the “eSRS” link.
    • Log in using the User ID and password
    • Select “Manage Employee”
    • Check and ensure that the list of employees is complete and updated. (The employer may edit, correct the list, i.e. if resigned, retired, on leave/maternity leave, etc.)
    • Select “Create Payment Instruction”.
    • Print the Payment Instruction Form (PIF) reflecting the Payment Instruction Number (PIN).
  3. Payment
    • Proceed to Bayad Center and present the printed PIF reflecting the PIN.
    • Pay the corresponding amount (cash and check payments accepted. Make checks payable to Home Development Mutual Fund).
    • The collecting partner shall validate the PIF reflecting the Payment Instruction Number, which shall serve as proof of payment.
9What will the employer present when paying at Bayad Center?

The employer will present the Payment Instruction Form (PIF) generated from the eSRS System.

10Can the employer track his payment online?

Yes, they can view it online through the eSRS system.

11Is there a fee when using the eSRS?

Bayad Center will charge a P7.00 convenience fee per transaction.

12Can the employer edit or make changes in the Remittance File?

Yes. The eSRS can tag active, inactive, resigned or retired employees.

The employer can add or delete the name of the employees and their corresponding amount of Membership Savings (MS)/Loan Amortizations to be remitted to Pag-IBIG Fund prior to generation of Payment Instruction Form (PIF).

13Can the employer pay other amount not indicated in the Payment Instruction Form?

No. The collecting partner can only accept the exact amount indicated in the Payment Instruction Form (PIF).

14What if the employer transfers to another location, what will he do?

Before the transfer or change of location, the employer must notify the Pag-IBIG branch maintaining his account of the transfer, and submit the accomplished Employer Change of Information Form (ECIF).