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Authority to Deduct HQP-PFF-250 V01
Application for Penalty Condonation for Employers who Deducted Monthly Savings (MS) but Failed to Remit HQP-PFF-318 V02  
Application for Penalty Discount on Provident Obligation HQP-PFF-162 V02  
Employer’s Change of Information Form (ECIF) HQP-PFF-106 V04  
Employer’s Data Form (EDF) HQP-PFF-002 V07  
eSRS Employer Enrollment Form HQP-TMF-190 V04  
Household Employer Unified Registration Form      
Household Employment Unified Report Form      
Instructions for Encoding of Member's Contribution Remittance Form  
Kasambahay Unified Registration Form      
Letter of Intent (Loyalty Card Partner-Bank) HQP-PFF-357 V01
Loyalty Card Remittance Form HQP-PFF-153 V01  
Loyalty Card Remittance Form (softcopy)    
Reprinting Loyalty Card HQP-PFF-160 V01  
Member’s Change of Information Form (MCIF) HQP-PFF049 V06  
Membership Savings Remittance Form (MSRF) HQP-PFF-053 V03  
Member’s Data Form (MDF) HQP-PFF-039 V07  
Member's Contribution Remittance Form (softcopy)    
Membership Registration Form (MRF) FPF095 V01  
Membership Savings Remittance Form (Kasambahay) (MSRF) HQP-PFF-114    
Modified Pag-IBIG II Enrollment Form (MP2EF) HQP-PFF-226 V03  
Request for Loyalty Card Enrollment Kiosk HQP-PFF-123 V02  
Request for Consolidation/Merging of Member's Records HQP-PFF-093 V04  
Specimen Signature Form (SSF) HQP-PFF-003 V07  
Short-Term Loan        
Calamity Loan Application Form (CLAF) HQP-SLF-066 V04  
Application for Refund of Excess/Overpayment of STL Amortization HQP-SLF-103 V02  
Multi-Purpose Loan Application Form (MPLAF) HQP-SLF-065 V03  
STL Checklist of Requirements HQP-SLF-005 V06  
Short Term Loan Remittance Form (STLRF) HQP-SLF-017 V02  
Short Term Loan Remittance Form (STLRF) (softcopy)    
Application for Penalty Condonation under R.A. 9679 HQP-PFF-004 V03  
Affidavit of Guardianship HQP-PFF-028 V04  
Application for Provident Benefits (APB) Claim HQP-PFF-285 V03  
Application for Provident Benefits Claim (Release of Remaining Membership Savings) HQP-PFF-351 V02  
Joint Affidavit of Two Disinterested Persons HQP-PFF-029 V03  
Proof of Surviving Legal Heirs HQP-PFF-030 V04  
Special Power of Attorney HQP-PFF-033 V03  
Sworn Declaration of Intention to Depart from the Philippines Permanently HQP-PFF-031 V03  
Waiver of Rights HQP-PFF-032 V03